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Kingdoms Logo.png Legends Logo.png This article is about a feature, which exists in Travian: Legends as well as Travian Kingdoms. Version specific features are marked with a kingdoms or legends icon.

Expansion is to found new villages, conquer enemy villages and Kingdoms Logo.png cities as well as Kingdoms Logo.png found cities.


There are three different types of expansion: Founding new villages, conquering existing villages and Kingdoms Logo.png upgrading villages to cities. All of them require free culture point slots and possible the training of an expansion unit. Here is a quick overview for the different types of expansions:

Expansion Availability # Culture Slots Expansion Units
Founding a new village Legends Logo.png Kingdoms Logo.png 1 3 Settlers
Conquering a village Legends Logo.png Kingdoms Logo.png 1 1 Chief of your tribe
Conquering a city Kingdoms Logo.png 2 1 Chief of your tribe
Upgrading to a city Kingdoms Logo.png 1 -

Note, that cities are exclusive to Kingdoms and do not exist in Travian: Legends, therefore the corresponding expansion types do not exist in Travian: Legends either.


The easiest way to expand is to found a new village, also called settling. This is the way you will expand at the start of the game, as the other options are infeasible for young accounts. In order to found a new village you need to train three settlers and gather a free culture slot first. If you aquired both, you can look at the map to search for a suitable field to send your settlers to. As soon as they arrive, they found a new village for you to control. Your new village will adapt the field's resource field distribution, so it's definitely worth to pay attention to it.

Legends Logo.png In Travian: Legends, a freshly settled village will start with no buildings and all resource fields level 0, except for a main building level 1. In the birthday special Codex Victoria, the resource fields start on level 5 for the first two settlements.

Legends Logo.png In Travian: Legends, you need to pay 750 resources per type to send the settlers on their way. This is not required in Kingdoms.

Kingdoms Logo.png In Kingdoms, a freshly settled villages will start with a main building level 1 and all resource fields level 1.


Conquering is more challanging than settling, but also more rewarding, because you get to keep the buildings and resource fields of the previous owner. In order to conquer a village (or city) from another player, you need to lower its loyalty to 0 by attacking (not raiding) with conquering units (commonly called chiefs). If your chiefs survive the attack, they will lower the loyalty afterwards.

However, in order to be able to lower the loyalty, you need to meet certain requirements:

  • The target village (or city) may not have a residence, palace, wonder of the world or Legends Logo.png command center.
  • You must have at least one culture point for villages and Kingdoms Logo.png at least two for cities.
  • You may not be restricted by the pushing protection.
  • Kingdoms Logo.png In Kingdoms, your kingdom may not have granted protection in the past 72 hours.

As soon as the loyalty hits 0, following happens:

  • The village (or city) changes its owner and you are in control of it now.
  • The conquered village (or city) loses all of its research progress in academy and smithy.
  • All troops, that had their home there, die immediately.
  • The village adapts its tribe to the conquering player (Legends Logo.png except for birthday special versions).
  • If the conquering player has more inhabitants than the victim, every resource field and every building loses one level, if it's at least level 2.
  • One chief will join the village as leader and not be useable or visible anymore.
  • The survivors of the attack will stay in the village as regular reinforcement.

After conquering, the loyalty stays at 0 at first. You can gain the loyalty back by building a residence or palace (Legends Logo.png or command center). The higher its level, the faster the loyalty increase. The loyalty will naturally increase only up to 100% (Kingdoms Logo.png 200% for cities).

Legends Logo.png In Travian: Legends, you can use tables of law to increase loyalty instantly and to up to 125% for villages.

Loyalty Mechanics

Base loyalty ranges:
Tribe Min Max
Romans 20 30
Teutons 20 25
Gauls 20 25
Legends Logo.png Egypts 20 25
Legends Logo.png Huns 15 30

There are many factors to consider, when it comes to lowering loyalty. You can see all factors in the order they are applied in the following table with this example: An teuton attacker with 3000 population, big party, active brewery and 2 surviving chiefs attacks a defender with 1000 population, without parties.

Factor Explaination Example
Tribe of the attacker Each tribe has different chiefs which have different minimum and maximum values. 20-25 base loyalty
Randomness Each chief has a minimum and maximum value of loyalty he can lower. The actual amount is purely random between those values. e.g. 23 is selected by random
Big Parties on both sides A big party of the attacking village increases the base loyalty lowering per chief by 5 while a big party of the defending village decreases the base loyalty by the same amount. +5 for attacker (big party) = 28
±0 for defender (no parties) = 28
Amount of surviving chiefs The base loyalty is multiplied by the amount of surviving chiefs. 2 * 28 = 56
Brewery A running brewery party in the account of the attacker halfes the effectiveness of all surviving chiefs. 56 / 2 = 28
Morale If the attacker has more population than the defender, chiefs only effective, up to a malus of 33.3%. 28 * (1000/3000)^(0.2) ≈ 22.5

Travian: Kingdoms Special rule for the Halloween Hunt: Big parties that are held within the mist will give a loyalty bonus of +11 or -11 instead of ±5.

In this example, the chiefs would have lowered the loyalty by 22.5.

Founding Cities

Culture Slots

Expansion Slots


  • You need a free culture slot to send the settlers on their way and if you occupy it while the settlers are on their way, they will return to their home village without founding the village, as soon as they arrive.
  • If you send your settlers to a free field, which gets occupied by another player before your settlers arrive, they will return upon arriving.
  • Troops, that are killed, because their home village is conquered, do not grant offpoints.
  • It is possible for a roman attacker to conquer a village in one attack, if he's celebrating a large party while the attacker isn't. When conquering a larger player (in terms of population), this has a chance of 19.4% to work. Travian: Kingdoms Halloween Hunt's mist bonus increases this chance to 77.4%.