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Welcome to the unofficial wiki for the browser games Travian Kingdoms and Travian: Legends.

Work in Progress

This wiki is still mostly Work in Progress. Don't expect the given information to be complete.


The goal of this wiki is to provide a fan made alternative to the official Travian wikis (Travian Kingdoms and Travian: Legends). Eventually, it should be your first place to find answers to questions about both games as well as guides and other related information. In addition, this wiki will contain explanations of the tools found on Binary-Tools.


This wiki is a private fan project for the browser games Travian Kingdoms and Travian: Legends according to the fan site policy. It is in no way related to or endorsed by Travian Games GmbH. The rights to the names "Travian Kingdoms" and "Travian: Legends" as well as to most of the used icons and pictures belong to Travian Games GmbH.