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Oases are fields on the map, which can't be settled on, but which can be captured by kingdoms and be annected by villages to increase the production. Wild oases are protected by animals, the nature troops.

As for all NPCs, one receives only 50% of the usual off points for defeating animals in an oasis.


Two oases on the map

Oases can be found on the map on some landscape fields. Wood oases can be found exclusively in forests, clay oases in canyons, iron oases in mountains and crop oases either in waterholes or in crop acres. Double oases (e.g. wood + crop) can be found exclusively on the non-crop-type (e.g. wood + crop in forests). Double crop oases are in crop acres. Landscape fields with oases have a resource icon on them, making it easy to distinguish from regular landscape fields.

Type Wood Wood + Crop Clay Clay + Crop Iron Iron + Crop Crop Double crop
Resource Icon Map Icon Wood.png Map Icon WoodCrop.png Map Icon Clay.png Map Icon ClayCrop.png Map Icon Iron.png Map Icon IronCrop.png Map Icon Crop.png Map Icon CropCrop.png
Landscape (example) Map Sample Wood.png Map Sample Clay.png Map Sample Iron.png Map Sample Water.png Map Sample Crop.png

Wild oases aren't distinguishable from free ones by optics alone. Wild oases have animals however, free oases don't.

Wild Oasis

At the start, all oases in the world are wild. To make use of an oasis, it has to be freed by killing all animals with attacks first. As soon as all animals area dead, the oasis is free and can be used. If the oasis abuts on the ow kingdom (counting diagonally), it will be part of the kingdom upon freeing it.

Wild oases produce small amounts of resources and have a storage capacity of 50 per animal, which lives in the oasis.

Apart from attacks and espionages, no interactions with wild oases are possible. Reinforcing troops return immediately upon arrival. This can be used to save troops for a certain time.

Free Oasis

An oasis without animals is a free oasis. It can be annected, reinforced and attacked.

Free oases, that are part of a kingdom, generate an one tile large area for it, containing only the oasis. The area is considered to be fully part of the kingdom, i.e. it can be used for tribute paths as well as for the capital-to-capital connection for the kingdom union. Enemy kingdoms can steal an oasis, if it abuts on their area (counting diagonally), by killing all troops in the oasis. Then, the oasis becomes a part of the enemy kingdom and generates area for that kingdom now. Existing annexations will not be dissolved thereby. Free oases of a kingdom stay part of it, even if they don't abut on it anymore, e.g. after closing a treasury. They still generate their area in this case.

Free oases become wild again after an indeterminate time. This can be prevented by sending at least one unit as reinforcement or by annecting it.

Free oases have a defense bonus for reinforcing troops, compareable to the water ditch. The defense bonus depends on the oasis type.


Free oases can be used to increase the resource production of a village. For that, it has to be annected in the embassy of the appropiate village by selecting an oasis of free choice in the tab oasis. As soon as an oasis is selected, it gets annected and it starts to take effect. Every village can annect up to three oases. Annected oases can be removed and replaced in the embassy at any time. Upon destruction of the embassy, all annected oases are removed.

Requirements for the annexation:

  • The village has a sufficient embassy level (level 1 for the first oasis, level 10 for the second level 20 for the third).
  • The oasis is free.
  • No other village of the same player has already annected the same oasis.
  • The oasis is inside the 7x7 area around the village (i.e. x and y coordinate may each differ by at most 3).

Oases, that belong to a foreign kingdom, can be annected normally, but troops don't produce resources and don't exert influence there.

After the annexation, the oasis increases the production of the village by a certain percentage. Two factors are taken into account, firstly the type of the oasis and secondly the rank of the player in the oasis ranking. Additionally, the oasis can be reinforced with troops to further increase the production, but there's a maximum of troops, that can produce resources in an oasis. While one can send more troops as reinforcement, some troops may not produce resources. Troops only produce resources, if the oasis belongs to the political kingdom.

The %-production bonus affects the base production of the village (i.e. it does not effect the bonus production of resource boosters or the production of troops).


Every oasis has a ranking, in which all players, that annected it, are listed. The more influence a player exerts on an oasis, the better is his rank. The influence of a player is the sum of the influences of his villages, that are inside the 7x7 of the oasis plus the amount (not consumption) of his troops in the oasis. Troops only exert influence, if the oasis belongs to the political kingdom. The influence of a village is calculated by the following formula:

The better a rank of a player in the ranking, the higher the %-production bonus and the more troops of him can produce resources there:

Rank Prod. Bonus 25% Prod. Bonus 50% Max. Troops
1 25% 50% 250
2 20% 40% 200
3 15% 30% 150
4 10% 20% 100
5+ 5% 10% 50


The production of a village with four claypits level 10, brickyard level 5, rank 2 in a clay oasis and gold production bonus is calculated like this:

Production Site Prod. by definition Calculation Result Production Type
4x Claypit level 10 200 clay per hour each 4x 200 800 clay per hour base production
Brickyard level 5 25% of the base production 25% * 800 200 clay per hour bonus production
Rank 2 in clay oasis 20% of the base production 20% * 800 160 clay per hour bonus production
Gold production 25% of the production 25% * (800 + 200 + 160) 290 clay per hour gold production
Total Sum of all productions 800 + 200 + 160 + 290 1450 clay per hour total production


Each oasis has one or two resource types, for which it grants a bonus. The defense bonus depends on the types aswell and only counts for free oases.

Type 1 Type 2 Rank 1 prod. nonus Prod. per troop Defense bonus
Wood - 25% Wood 1 Wood 50%
Wood Crop 25% Wood + 25% Crop 1 Wood + 1 Crop 25%
Clay - 25% Clay 1 Clay 50%
Clay Crop 25% Clay + 25% Crop 1 Clay + 1 Crop 25%
Iron - 25% Iron 1 Iron 100%
Iron Crop 25% Iron + 25% Crop 1 Iron + 1 Crop 50%
Crop - 25% Crop 1 Crop 0%
Crop Crop 50% Crop 2 Crop 0%

Differences to Travian: Legends

  • In Travian: Legends, each oasis can be annected by one player only, whereas in Travian Kingdoms multiple players can use the same oasis. The ranking and influence doesn't exist there.
  • In Travian: Legends, there are oases with 50% wood bonus, 50% clay bonus and 50% iron bonus on regular gameworlds inside the gray natar area.
  • In Travian: Legends, troops don't produce resources in oases.
  • In Travian: Legends, oases have to be annected by attacking with the hero and can't be selected easily.
  • In Travian: Legends, one needs a hero's mansion level 10/15/20 for 1/2/3 oases. This building is merged with the embassy in Travian Kingdoms and the level requirements has been changed to level 1/10/20.